Honeycombs and Higher Dimensions

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Getting All Caught Up

Kevin has questions

“Have any researchers documented “glitch in the matrix” types of events at the ranch? I’m curious to know if this paranormal phenomena also occurs here and if there is any correlation with other paranormal phenomena.”

“It was rotating… it was tubular… …there was a rock group that had an album called tubular bells… …that’s what’s on the cover apparently… and he said “That’s the closest thing I can come to as to what the structure of this looked like.””

A Disorienting Piece of Art for a Disorienting Piece of Music
A “four-dimensional” representation of the Klein Bottle

“It seems to me that even with Bigelow’s new details, the exact shape of what James Lacatski saw is still somewhat of a mystery. Its nature on the other hand… its characteristics… its properties… are not. I pointed out in part one of my take on this story that a significant property of the Möbius strip (perhaps even its defining property) is its non-orientability.”

“The mobius strip is the simplest non-orientable surface.”

“In mathematics, orientability is a property of surfaces in Euclidean space that measures whether it is possible to make a consistent choice of surface normal vector at every point.”

Even though we weren’t dealing with a Mobius strip anymore, looking at various pictures of Mobius strips seemed to help drive home the concept of “non-orientability”

“What is there to notice? None of them look the same. There isn’t a common/regular/normal/right way to orient a mobius strip.”

“I think this thing — whatever it is — was conveying to “JL” that he couldn’t hope to understand it. It can’t be oriented. It can’t be observed according to a set of observed characteristics. There isn’t a common/regular/normal/right way to conceive of… whatever this is.”

New Details From Brandon Fugal About Glitches in the Matrix

Shameless Self-Promotion
I was excited and am generally an idiot so typos are to be expected

“One of the more recent events involved a member of our legal team observing a honeycomb/grid-like structure suspended in the air for a few seconds….”

Even if the particular topology varies from experience to experience, the properties of these apparitions remain the same. They are disorienting… moving and changing… confusing and confounding. This, in my view, constitutes a meaningful pattern.

The 24-Cell Honeycomb

“In four-dimensional Euclidean geometry, the 24-cell honeycomb, or icositetrachoric honeycomb is a regular space-filling tessellation (or honeycomb) of 4-dimensional Euclidean space by regular 24-cells. It can be represented by Schläfli symbol {3,4,3,3}.

The dual tessellation by regular 16-cell honeycomb has Schläfli symbol {3,3,4,3}. Together with the tesseractic honeycomb (or 4-cubic honeycomb) these are the only regular tessellations of Euclidean 4-space.”

“The vertex figure of the 24-cell honeycomb is a tesseract (4-dimensional cube).”

The Tesseract

“Like a lineup on Law and Order SVU, but this time the perp is an extradimensional non-human precognitive intelligence…”

Whatever they say #3 did… He did.
The 16-Cell Honeycomb
The 24-Cell
The 120-Cell (I see classic honeycomb patterns here)

Clarifications and Credit Where Credit is Due

“Labels are generally helpful. As children, we learn to label before we learn to describe. I believe our brains do a similar thing when we think about the phenomenon today. In a certain sense, the characteristics we expect to observe, come from the label, rather than the other way around. When our primary objective is to determine a label, we are more likely to ignore or dismiss observations which make labeling more difficult. It is extremely tempting to commit to a narrative which will give us ultimate understanding of the phenomenon. We may find clues in occult rituals, ancient books, forgotten religions, and cave drawings. But it is unlikely that focusing on any one framework will lead to more clarity. If we want to properly describe a Mobius strip, we need to look at it from as many angles as possible. Patterns shouldn’t be dismissed, but they also shouldn’t serve as criteria by which we determine legitimacy.”

“I argue the root cause of strife within the community lies not in our speculation, but in what we do with it. We all speculate. Perhaps our speculation is grounded in skeptical concepts we selectively deploy like Occam’s razor. But no matter our method, the result is generally the same: We reach conclusions which support a narrative we already believed to be true. So the key issue then is not speculation. It is certainty. Certainty is what causes division and strife: certainty that aliens walk among us, certainty that the government is responsible, certainty that the whole subject is better left to psychologists, certainty that our own logic is sound and reliable.

I argue that speculation can (and should) be a good thing. It is borne out of curiosity and hope that answers are out there if one knows where to look (and what to ask). There are many who rightfully call for a more scientific approach to the phenomenon. I argue that speculation is essential for just such an approach. Scientists speculate regularly. What are hypotheses if not informed speculation about questions for which we don’t have answers? The key is in the testing. Scientists, if their aim is an earnest pursuit of the truth, test their speculation and let the data guide their conclusions. We in the UFO community tend to welcome scientists into our fellowship with open arms. What frustrates us are scientists who are too certain about this subject to “ask the question” with any seriousness. Again, the issues we face have much more to do with certainty than with speculation.”

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

“On some level I feel that even if my general hypothesis is wrong, and the event at Skinwalker ranch had nothing to do with communication (whether it be shit-talk, self-identification, or just the natural and (un)expected byproduct of 3D people attempting to comprehend 4th dimensional objects) there is some deeper meaning here. For me, falling down this rabbit hole wasn’t about finding a set-in-stone truth. Sometimes by pondering the meaningless you stumble upon hints… little clues about ultimate reality. In this case, I am encouraged to expand my cosmology to include extra dimensions and our interactions with the beings who may inhabit them.”

I believe this particular phenomena, in this particular area of Skinwalker ranch, is a sign that at least one intelligence there is accessing (and perhaps inhabits) another dimension.

Extra-Dimensional Implications

“We live in a three dimensional world where time is a function of the fourth dimension if you will… And we experience time linearly… It’s a linear process. But we now know in the quantum that time — well first of all we know that time because of the work of Einstein and others that space and time are joined together. We know that spacetime is flexible. It’s called relativity. We see it around massive objects all the time… not just earth but the sun, black holes. So… the linear universe that we experience uh… to some degree really isn’t…”

“When you look at the notion of the future people would define the future as those events which have not yet happened, and the past is defined as events that have already happened. And when you look at that construct then the present must be a moment in spacetime, probably measured in Planck time- a very infinitesimally small… moment of space time where the future is transitioning into the past. It’s not a point in time… It’s a process… It’s an event that’s occurring… So the way to think about that in lay terms is think of a cigarette or a cigar. The parts of the cigar that have already burned… the ash… is the past. That part of the cigarette or the cigar that has not yet burned is the future. And the cherry… that moment of ignition… that spark of where the future is being consumed and becoming the past… that is the present. We as human beings, we live at that moment. All of our hopes, our fears, our memories, love, hate, good, bad, all that is an expression of an experience that occurs at an infinitesimally small moment of spacetime… like i said probably measured in Planck time… That is how we experience the present. But what if there were… things… that had the ability to experience where the present was a much bigger cherry… if you will. A much bigger transition where more elements of the future and the past are experienced… as in the present. Uh… and can do that also physically, right. So it’s not just an idea it’s uh… What if there were species out there that experience the universe with an extra level of dimension. And so you and I are having this conversation now with your audience… and we’re having this conversation right here and right now. But if i were to have the ability to have this conversation right here but five minutes ago, or five minutes from now, we would never meet. We would be like two ships passing in the night. Is it possible that maybe some of these things… some of these UAP have the ability that we experience them when they are right here, right now… and every other time we don’t because we’re not intersecting… with that extra-dimensional space of time? You know when you look at that cigarette or cigar burning… you’ll notice that it never burns evenly. When you look at it up close and you can kind of remove a layer from the burn… we realize that there are portions of the future… portions of the cigar… that haven’t burned yet… uh behind portions of the cigar that already has burned. It’s not an even burn. There’s an overlap. And quantum theory is beginning to show some of the models for that. So I know I’m going in a very long-winded and roundabout way to answer your question about “mankinds” but I guess my answer to that is… it’s limitless… [my emphasis]

Teleportation, passing through walls, telepathic communication, time manipulation… These would seem like impossibilities in our current reality. And yet… Do normal and healthy people not report these experiences on a regular basis?

“I don’t always see ghosts. But when I do… it’s before I even know they died.”
Sir Josef Noel Paton’s “The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania”

We don’t get 4-way confirmation on projections from the collective unconscious. Projections from the collective unconscious shouldn’t leave physical traces behind or harm those who get too close.

Perhaps there is meaning in the meaningless after all

How Come I’ve Never Seen A Fourth Dimensional Being?

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

“…with the naked eye, we see only the tiniest fraction of the spectrum of all light frequencies in the Universe. Imagine the full electromagnetic spectrum to be the height of the Empire State Building, or 1,454 feet tall. The portion of what we could see would be much tinier than a layer of paint, or less than one billionth of the known frequencies of light in the Universe.” (pg. 194)

Meme Courtesy of @TheProjectUnity who makes lots of great things
Milton creating a new religion in the second dimension

Transmogrification for Dummies

“To change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect”

John Keel in 1969

“These “illusion-prone spirits” are responsible for nearly all of the UFO appearances and manipulations. The flying saucers do not come from some Buck Rogers-type civilization on some distant planet. They are our next-door neighbors, part of another space-time continuum where life, matter, and energy are radically different from ours. Ancient Man knew this and recognized it. The Biblical texts employed the word sheol, which meant invisible world. Somehow, the translators turned this into “hell” and gave it an entirely different meaning.

After spending more than a decade investigating and researching the UFO phenomenon, an engineer named Bryant Reeve published this statement in 1965: “…We began to see that vehicles in outer space were not really the important thing. They were merely an indication of something vastly greater, or earthman’s awakening to a tremendous new awareness.”” [My Emphasis] (Operation Trojan Horse pg. 317)

Could four-dimensional Euclidean geometry be another indication of something vastly greater? Could it be that these next-door neighbors — these inhabitants of a place “where life, matter, and energy are radically different from ours” come from the 4th dimension?

“In psychic phenomena and demonology we find that seemingly solid physical objects are materialized and dematerialized or apported. There are many baffling cases of houses which appeared and disappeared mysteriously. In religious demonic possession, well documented by attending priests and doctors, the victims regurgitated impossible quantities of stones and even sharp steel bodies. Some victims have even levitated to the ceiling and had to be forcibly tied to their beds to keep from floating away.” [My Emphasis] (Operation Trojan Horse pg. 325)

Games or glitches from the unseen realm?

“Ufologists have constructed elaborate theories about flying saucer propulsion and antigravity. But we cannot exclude the possibility that these wondrous “machines” are made of the same stuff as our disappearing houses, and they don’t fly — they levitate. They are merely temporary intrusions into our reality or space-time continuum, momentary manipulations of electromagnetic energy. When they “lower their frequencies” (as the contactees put it) and enter a solid state, they can leave impressions on the ground. But to enter that state, they need atoms from our world — parts of an airplane, an auto, or blood and matter from an animal or human being. Or, in some cases, they need to drain off energy from the human percipients or from power lines and automobile engines. This may seem like a fantastic concept, but we have wasted twenty years trying to simplify all this, trying to find a more mundane explanation. The fact is, all of the evidence supports our fantastic concepts more readily than it supports the notion that we are receiving visitors from Mars or Aenstria.” (Operation Trojan Horse pg. 325)

“However, it would be very dangerous for us to exclude the possibility that a very small residue of sightings may be very real. Most scientists agree that there is a chance that there may be billions of inhabitable planets within our own galaxy, and there is always a chance that living beings from those planets might have visited us in the past, are visiting us now, or are planning to visit us in the future. To regard all UFO sightings as illusions, hallucinations, or paraphysical manifestations would expose us to a potentially volatile situation-an invasion from another world.” (Operation Trojan Horse pg. 324–325)

Let’s Talk Metamaterials

An alleged UFO fragment with a “Honeycomb-like” surface, provided by Chris Bledsoe to @ProjectUnity
Shout out to @SteUFOnotCGULLS for sharing this clip with me on Twitter
A sample from “Art’s Parts” showing layers of Magnesium-Zinc and Bismuth

“The material is clearly engineered with distinct layers of MgZn and Bi at structured thicknesses only microns thick. There is no precedent for this structured combination of materials. It is unclear what fabrication processes allow this combination of materials to form an integrated structural component. Theoretical analysis shows that the material acts as a waveguide for terahertz (THz) frequencies. Those wavelengths normally would not propagate through this geometry. One side of the sample appears to be tooled, having a defined contour. There has been an extensive amount of testing on the material, the true purpose or function of the material remains unknown.”

“After looking into this, I came to the conclusion that there were reports — some were substantive, some not so substantive — that there were actual materials that the government and the private sector had in their possession…” [My Emphasis]

““Why the federal government all these years has covered up, put brake pads on everything, stopped it, I think it’s very, very bad for our country,” Reid said in the new documentary “The Phenomenon” from director James Fox.

“Are you saying that there’s some evidence that still hasn’t seen the light of day?” asked Fox.

“I’m saying most of it hasn’t seen the light of day,” Reid replied.” [My Emphasis]

“The original 2017 FOIA request made to the DIA asks for the physical descriptions, properties and composition of UFO/UAP material held by the government and its contractor. The request is unambiguous in its meaning. It refers to UFO/UAP material and “physical debris recovered by personnel of the Department of Defense as residue, flotsam, shot-off material or crashed UAPs or unidentified flying objects…”

“In their reply, the DIA amazingly agrees that it has documents responsive to my request on recovered UFO debris and its analysis, the program under which it was administered, AATIP (the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), and that their defense contractor (Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, Nevada) has stored the material. They also provide some reports related to the possible applications of the studied material.”

The US government is in possession of engineered and/or manufactured materials with anomalous properties. These materials allegedly came from UFOs, and are currently impossible for humans (or any group of beings bound to this solar system) to create.

Our Reality, Our Rules

When higher dimensional beings manifest physical objects in our dimension… they have to play by our rules.

But these physical manifestations have to WORK while they’re here. Even if what they do seems impossible… it is.

Even if the materials are unavailable to us or impossible for us to create, we should make every attempt to understand why and how they do what they do in so much as is possible within our present paradigms — and then shift our paradigms.

Glitches, Mistakes, or Art?

Seemingly anything is possible at Skinwalker Ranch…

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Perhaps this particular episode wasn’t a mistake at all, but an improvement — proof that higher dimensional beings can even use the mechanism of transmogrification to improve on biology — to build a better wolf.

In my view, the only way to begin is to ponder how we 3rd dimensional beings “use” the lower dimensions. What do we do with the 2nd dimension? How do we interact with it? What do we use it for? Broadly speaking… We use it to make our mark. We use it to make art.

Proof That This Person Does In Fact Exist
No Fucking Clue To Be Honest

I Have Good News and Bad News

Let’s just say that if I have to look like this to access unseen realms… I’ll take a pass.

If physical mediumship has any truth to it whatsoever and apports are indeed something which certain humans can manifest, then perhaps transmogrifications of a more advanced nature aren’t completely out of the question. Maybe one day we too will be able to engineer at the isotopic level.

Wisdom From A Modern Day Mystic

Spirit of my silence I can hear you, but I’m afraid to be near you

And I don’t know where to begin

And I don’t know where to begin

Somewhere in the desert there’s a forest, and an acre before us

But I don’t know where to begin

But I don’t know where to begin

Again I lost my strength completely, oh be near me tired old mare

With the wind in your hair

Amethyst and flowers on the table, is it real or a fable?

Well I suppose a friend is a friend

And we all know how this will end

Chimney swift that finds me be my keeper, silhouette of the cedar

What is that song you sing for the dead

What is that song you sing for the dead

I see the signal searchlight strike me, in the window of my room

Well I got nothing to prove

Well I got nothing to prove

I forgive you mother I can hear you, and I long to be near you

But every road leads to an end

Yes every road leads to an end

Your apparition passes through me, in the willows and five red hens

You’ll never see us again

You’ll never see us again

“We as human beings, we live at that moment. All of our hopes, our fears, our memories, love, hate, good, bad, all that is an expression of an experience that occurs at an infinitesimally small moment of spacetime…” -Luis Elizondo

We can’t control what happens next. We don’t know what happens today or tomorrow or ten years from now. That’s probably the point.

“And if you should want to hear: This highest knowledge lies / In the loftiest sense / Of the essence of God / This is a work of His mercy / To leave one without understanding / Transcending all knowledge.”



I write about UFOs, The Paranormal, Consciousness, Philosophy, Spirituality, Mysticism and everything in between.

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